Video Contest Winner

posted Dec 19, 2011, 12:50 PM by Powell Jones   [ updated Dec 19, 2011, 3:42 PM ]

Harley Vanselow wins $5000 for Ainlay!


Harley Vanselow entered a video contest on cell phone-free driving and won the top prize of $5000 for Harry Ainlay. The contest was presented by medical students at the UofA under the title of “Students for Cell phone-Free Driving” to educate the public about the dangers of distracted driving due to cell phone use. ConocoPhillips Canada sponsored the contest and generously donated a Flip Video camera to participating schools as well as the $5000 top prize that was won by Harley.

Harley scripted his storyline and then chose to shoot his video off-campus on his own time. His story centers on a young person driving and talking on his cell phone, resulting in a child being run over by the car. How could Harley create such a film, you ask? Harley shot the video so that he was sitting in the passenger seat with his arm extended apparently steering the car and his other hand holding his cell phone. The trick he then used was to flip the video so that it appears that he is in the driver’s seat. You never see his hand or the steering wheel but the illusion is quite real that he is driving. The illusion is further enhanced as you see the scenery flashing by the car window while he is talking on his phone. The pedestrian crossing was filmed through the front window of the car and you see what the driver should be seeing if he weren’t distracted by his cell phone. The end result is a very well crafted video that drives home the message that driving and using a cell phone is a deadly combination.

Harley was a grade 10 student when he made the video and entered the contest as a project in the communication technology video module. He worked independently on this project and as the $5000 top prize indicates he did an exceptional job on the video. The staff and students of Harry Ainlay would like to thank Harley for his excellent work and for the benefit that this prize will add to the school in the way of new equipment for the Communication Technology program. Thank you, Harley! 

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