GRADE 12s Google Data

posted Jun 19, 2016, 8:34 AM by Powell Jones

Student Google Apps Data retention

Account creation and maintenance - all students

  • Student Google Apps accounts created when students enrol in the District and will be maintained for the duration they are registered with EPS.

  • Accounts are active during the school year, typically September to June or during summer classes for those students enrolled in summer classes.

  • Students keep the same account from year to year, school to school within EPSB.

Access to Student Google information after leaving EPS

  1. Student will only have access to their Google account and all data up until July 31st of their last enrolled school year.  Accounts will be removed on August 1st.

  2. Students can obtain a copy of their Google data prior to July 31st by following this procedure:

    1. Docs:  Use Google Takeout to export ALL of your Docs in whatever format you choose, or just export the ones you want right from your Docs.

    2. Sites:  Export a site, or better yet - create a Gmail account and make an owner of your site (like this, but backwards).

    3. Contacts:  Export your contacts or use Google Takeout

  3. Students requesting access to their Google Docs beyond this period can contact the last school they were registered in and make a request for access to their student data.   If the data is available on backups, then it can be made available to the student requesting the information.  The school will need to follow the procedure below:

    1. Student/parent contacts the school, requests data for *username*’s data. Default would be all contents of student’s Google Drive only.

    2. School enters request in Orbit.  Must include a non-epsb email address to send information

    3. Orbit request sent to for processing

    4. Data restored from backup by DT personnel

    5. MD or LB create ZIP file, send link to download to student via email

  1. All student data  is permanently removed on July 31st following the student’s last enrolled year (12 months).